Admission And Withdrawals


1.   Application for admission should be made to the principal only.

2.   Registration forms for admission of the new students are available from the school. The registration form along with the registration should be submitted latest by 15 September of every year.

3.   Pupils applying for admission are as a rule, subjected to an entrance test and an interview. They well be tested in the standard below the on to which they seek admission. The test is held in October/November.

4.   A student joining from any recognised school cannot be admitted unless and until her/his leaving certificate is produces. It has to be countersigned by educational inspector or education officer of the state.

5.   A student joining from any unrecognized school has to produce an affidavit by the parents or guardian. The affidavit should clearly state (i) the reason why pupil did not join any recognised school, (ii) the name of the unrecognised school, (iii) the examination passed if any. Also the leaving certificate of the unrecognised school as well as the official birth certificate should be produced.

6.   A parents or guardian of a new pupil must produce her official birth certificate e.g. the municipal or baptismal certificate in the support of the date of birth entered in the admission form. The date of birth once entered will not be changed under any circumstances.

7.   No girl/boy less than 4 years by the 1st of March is admitted to the lower K.G. A corresponding scale of age is fixed for the successive standards.

8.   The admission fee together with the security deposit (refundable), must be paid in advance.

9.   Fees are charged from the 1st of March whether pupil joins on the day or not. A pupil registered after that day will pay fees from the time of registration.

10.   Every application for a leaving certificate or any other information/ certificate shall be made in writing by the parents or guardian to the principal.

11.   The leaving certificate will not be issued until all fees are paid in full.

12.  One month notice for withdrawal from school must be given in writing or in default one month's tuition fee will be charged from the scholars.

Note: security fees will be refunded only when the receipt is presented within 3 months of student’s withdrawal/adjustment with the entire fee.

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