Principal's Message

Vision Statement

“Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.”
Kofi Annan

“Education has a widespread impact in the life of all the scholars. In the modern era inculcating values and imparting knowledge, has occupied the most vital sphere of planning and executing educational policies in almost every institution. At Hampton Court Mussoorie education has traditional parameters derived from the dignified qualities, initiated and applied by our mother foundress Saint Claudine Thevenet. She taught the world to practise compassion, kindness, concern, respect, forgiveness and equality with capability to celebrate and cherish the differences. All these qualities are inculcated in our students, combined along with the technological enhancement in students and character formation..

The glorious two hundred years of the congregation have contributed for educating prominent personalities in the societies in twenty eight countries, across the globe. These scholars have not only established themselves but have contributed in upholding and developing societies, for the betterment of the citizens. Students at Hampton Court Mussoorie are trained to undertake responsibilities and develop innovative ideas, to create a difference.

The extremely qualified and dedicated faculty members work over moulding the intellectual development and improvising behavioural patterns of all our students. Our parents are also very cooperative, in supporting and channelizing etiquettes in the life of our students.

It is indeed a matter of honour to head this institute, which has laid down pillars in the structure of education. Sports and extracurricular activities are also the most integral part of education practised at our school. The children are groomed to participate, with fair intention and an attitude to excel. Tours and treks are also organised, to invoke exploring and appreciating skills in our students.

I am proud to say that even our supporting staff members, stand beside us with absolute devotion at the time of fulfilling their responsibilities. In the end I wish to say that the sisters of the congregation of Jesus and Mary, have completely rendered their life for the upliftment of this institution. An educated community equipped with sense and sensitivity towards society, has always been and will always remain a prominent vision of Hampton Court Mussoorie. Thank you one and all. Looking forward to your continuous support.

Coming together is joy, living together is grace and growing together is education.”

God bless you all!


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