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The School Curriculum keeps in mind the capabilities of each student and has been designed in a way that the school activities help students to learn and practice skills that will help them express themselves with their individuality. To nurture the talent of each student, CJM Hampton Court, has made extensive arrangements which enable the students to learn different arts, crafts and sciences, Karate, Yoga and Gymnastics. Apart from enhancing the skills of a student, they are encouraged to play a wide variety of sports like Tennis, Football, Hockey, Cricket etc. Environment awareness and social service programmes have been constituted in a manner that directly contributes to their all-round development.

Games and Sports are considered an integral part of the modern education. Thus, the School follows a well planned programme of Sports activities, promoting physical development.

The various clubs and societies functioning in the school aim to give expression to students’ imagination and talents, and function regularly under the guidance of competent and experienced staff. Debates, Declamation contests, Exhibitions, Dramas, Dance, Creative writing and poetry competitions, Tours and trekking expeditions, Quiz competitions and many other vocational projects are regularly organized.

In the education of our pupils, co-curricular and extracurricular activities play a vital part. A particular aspect of these activities is that the pupils learn under the supervision of the Staff to do things for themselves and thus to view the practical side of important but abstract ideas of duty, co-operation and responsibility.

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